Three Sisters

In my story there are three interesting characters – Jayme, Priscilla, and Ashleigh. All of these girls are special and have special talents. Jayme is always so outgoing. She loves to talk, cheer, and generally BE social. she has tons of friends and loves to entertain them by singing, dancing and performing. Jayme is the center of the world. She is the sun which the universe revolves around. Her universe, is therefore more than her family and sisters. Her would goes beyond.

If Jayme’s world goes beyond, then Priscilla’s world goes in. Priscilla is an introvert, comfortable in herself and her quiet time. She loves having a book, a plan, and time to herself. She loves to write and shares herself with others by writing.

Unlike Jayme and Priscilla, Asheigh struggles with all things social, and in knowing where her strengths lie. She is a strong leader, friend, and sister, but doubts herself. It is Ashleigh who floats in and out of the universe, sometimes in the center, sometimes in a free-floating orbit. Ashleigh is undefinable.

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