Lighthouse #solc19

Today I am intrigued by the image of a lighthouse. I think because my school is a LIM school and we are reviewing for our Lighthouse status this year. We have been reflecting on Lighthouses a lot and I have started to think a bit more abstractly about the concept of being a lighthouse.

Lighthouses are strong.

Lighthouses are weathered.

Lighthouses are defined by the character of their battles with an angry ocean.

The important thing about lighthouses is the light.

Lighthouses illuminate for weary travelers.

Lighthouses guide sailors in an abundant and energetic ocean.

Lighthouses create a path of beauty even in the darkest storms.

The important thing about lighthouses is the light.

Lighthouses rest when their light is not needed in the brightness of day

Lighthouses let themselves be filled with the light.

Lighthouses are not fearful of being too bright or not bright enough

The important thing about lighthouses is light.

8 thoughts on “Lighthouse #solc19”

  1. What a beautiful slice! It has me thinking about the book Hello Lighthouse by Sophie Blackall! I love the image of the path of “beauty in the darkest storm.” Thanks for sharing! You’ve got me thinking about lighthouses!

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  2. This reminds me of The Important Book by Margaret Brown Wise. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had a lighthouse to fill us with light and guide our way? Lovely slice today! (I am curious as to what a LIM school is?)


    1. It is a Leader In Me school. You train with Franklin Covey to develop leadership habits with kids. After a few years, you can be evaluated to see if you are a Lighthouse School endorsed by Franklin Covey. It is an intense process. We just have to remember that it isn’t the Lighthouse (status) that is important, but the light!


  3. This post is so fun and the metaphor for powerful. I’ve always been fascinated by lighthouses, and the way you list out their best qualities is magnificent! Thank you so much for this incredible analogy 🙂

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  4. My favorite line was: Lighthouses are not fearful of being too bright or not bright enough. How often might we hold back our light because of fear? Have you read The Light Between Oceans?

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  5. The repetition of Lighthouses is really effective and intriguing.

    I’m going to have to look up what a LIM school is now!

    Thank you for showing me lighthouses in new ways


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