Today I Felt Like a Number #solc19 Day 6

Today I felt like a number.

It was not a glorious experience.

Terrible scores.

Pictures of a past mentor or even two

“you certainly talk a good game.”

I am not a number.

I play an incomparable and unforgettable game.

Writing is my thing.

If “terrible” scores scare people,

They don’t see me.

I have unlimited potential.

I have possibilities unimagined.

I am the teacher they talk about.

I grow hearts.

I grow people.

I am not a number.

If you think so, we were never really acquainted,

Because if you believe in tallying a human condition,

I didn’t know you either.

Trust is a choice.

I am not a number, I am a being.

My students saw my being today.

4 thoughts on “Today I Felt Like a Number #solc19 Day 6”

  1. Yes! Affirmative, and you never signed up to be a number when you chose this path in life. I loved this fierce post. It will be forgotten soon, you’re probably the only one stressing on it.


  2. I dislike the fact that education and teaching has become more of a numbers game and less of a learning one. Very powerful piece!

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