Masterpieces and Struggles #solc19

My musings this evening are few. I am exhausted. What a week! Four days left until Spring Break and the universe has delivered some harsh strokes, but also a few beautiful melodies. What I have learned this week:

  • Blogging is fun. I think I have changed my page 3 times. Finally putting my premium membership to use.
  • My creative brain still works! Like a muscle it needs exercise and I feel better when I use it.
  • Unicorn PJs with “wings” is a thing and I need these.
  • I like writing lists, poetry, and character work.
  • My problems and heartaches are huge go me, but really I am extremely blessed. Chaos has touched someone very close to me. My heart has a very small tear, not the chasm of disappointment she must endure. My problems are small.
  • Starbucks time with my class to catch up work was amazing. It is cool what a computer, a playlist, and some headphones can do for creativity and productivity.
  • Kids use technology too much. I saw a kid watching 3 screens of information as he gamed, you-tubed, and talked with a friend. Wow! No wonder my instruction doesn’t meet his needs.
  • There is nothing better than ice cream sundaes, watching a movie with kids, followed by watching boy band videos with your teaching partner. I have a pretty good life!

If you are a boy band fan, this is a super funny video from NKOTB.