Masterpieces and Struggles #solc19

My musings this evening are few. I am exhausted. What a week! Four days left until Spring Break and the universe has delivered some harsh strokes, but also a few beautiful melodies. What I have learned this week:

  • Blogging is fun. I think I have changed my page 3 times. Finally putting my premium membership to use.
  • My creative brain still works! Like a muscle it needs exercise and I feel better when I use it.
  • Unicorn PJs with “wings” is a thing and I need these.
  • I like writing lists, poetry, and character work.
  • My problems and heartaches are huge go me, but really I am extremely blessed. Chaos has touched someone very close to me. My heart has a very small tear, not the chasm of disappointment she must endure. My problems are small.
  • Starbucks time with my class to catch up work was amazing. It is cool what a computer, a playlist, and some headphones can do for creativity and productivity.
  • Kids use technology too much. I saw a kid watching 3 screens of information as he gamed, you-tubed, and talked with a friend. Wow! No wonder my instruction doesn’t meet his needs.
  • There is nothing better than ice cream sundaes, watching a movie with kids, followed by watching boy band videos with your teaching partner. I have a pretty good life!

If you are a boy band fan, this is a super funny video from NKOTB.

One thought on “Masterpieces and Struggles #solc19”

  1. I’m trying to play catch-up with my welcome wagon slicers because the end of the week was middle school chaotic! I really needed to read your quote today! This week I felt like more of work (not even) in progress. I’m glad you are enjoying your blogging experience, as it has changed my life in so many ways. Yes, our creative brains do need exercise, which is one of the many reasons why I do this challenge! Finally, I had to laugh at the boy with three screens and your “lack of meeting his instructional needs!” That is hilariously true for many of us! Have a great Saturday and keep writing! 🙂


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