One of My Favorite People

More than a few years ago, I had life’s sweetest experience. My best friend became pregnant for the first time. It was one of the most fun times of my life. Everything from the “no gender reveal/gender neutral” nursery, baby showers, baby names, and general anticipation made this so much fun. I’ve never had a child of my own so this was the closest I had ever been to the process. I got to be a birthing coach, amidst many raised eyebrows, and I was there when the epidural was given.

Through the first many years of Austin’s life I was there for everything. I remember rocking him to sleep when he couldn’t sleep, turning up the TV louder when he couldn’t. All of my Super Nanny bed time strategies were ready, and I loved our quiet moments in the nursery when I was there to put him to sleep. That was so many years ago.

We danced to the Backyardigans, sang “Kung Fu Fighting ” before he knew words, and Lionel Ritchie’s “Hello” just so we could hear him say “I love you.” I’ve watched him grow in so many ways since then.

We tried Tball (unsuccessfully), soccer, basketball, and acting. Saturday games were always followed by Chik Fil A. As a child, just like mom and dad, he never met another child he didn’t get along with. So compassionate, kind, and God centered. Through it all we have always had fun together, playing games, watching movies, even now when we only see each other a few times a year.

Today I watched him, 15 years old, perform as Marius in Les Miserables. His voice that no longer of the child I once knew, but of the man he is becoming. I could not be more proud.