Eleven Things I am Excited for This Week…

So I started to write this blog post with idea of 11 things since it is the 11th day of March. I wanted to do 11 things I am grateful for but I feel like I wrote about that last week. If I really did 11 things right now, it would be 11 things I am stressed about right now, including writing.

  1. A four day week – We have 4 days with the kiddoes and one PD day before Spring Break, with PLANNING time. This is a big deal to me, because there never seems to be enough.
  2. The transfer window is over – With a new principal, and new rules and expectations, I have always opted that if I HAD to change I would change schools. I like my principal, but struggled with the decision. I hope I made the right one.
  3. Puppy time – My Spring Break puppy sitting starts….ah…
  4. Finishing grades – I know, seems counterintuitive, but I have almost completed grades and they are not due until after Spring Break
  5. Letting Go of Last Week’s Baggage – Last week was a killer, trust me. The fall out was emotionally and physically draining. Not to mention getting over the flu and strep back to back.
  6. Eating well and treating myself to healthy habits – doing much better in this area. Can’t wait to have time to work out.
  7. Seeing Captain Marvel – I am a Marvel nerd, and I want to see if I can figure out any pre-clues to the upcoming Marvel Avengers Endgame, That movie ended unfairly and I need closure.
  8. Field Day – enough said
  9. Outdoor Recess and Sunshine – loving the weather and hoping we have FINALLY had our last 30 degree day. Thanks Puxatawney Phil!
  10. Time to clear my mind and NOT worry about testing or planning, and focus on what I personally bring to my classroom, and set some new personal goals and boundaries for myself.
  11. My bed. My Blog. My Binging on Hulu and Netflix.

8 thoughts on “Eleven Things I am Excited for This Week…”

  1. Those are some nice things to be excited for. We still have this week and next before spring break, hard to believe that the last 2 months of school are right around the corner.


  2. I like your list of anticipation of good things to come. I opted for 11 things to be thankful for. Lucky you to have spring break next week – some rest and fun and some more time for writing.


  3. I now have four days until spring break – woo hoo! I love your #10 because sometimes, I think we let testing take over areas that it shouldn’t. You seem to have a positive attitude about what you can bring to your classroom! I’ll be counting down the days with you!

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  4. Haaa…11 is my favorite number. I love lists because in an instant I can begin to see a person’s identity emerging. Hopes, fears, experiences, joys, to-dos all give such insight into one another. I hope you have a great week!

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  5. Love your list of anxieties/ hopes.
    It’s so relatable, especially that little bit of second guessing that happens when a door closes.
    Your excitement to chill and blog and binge watch will be well earned and satisfying!

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