A Painful Sort of Day – and a Bandaid

I woke up this morning feeling a little off. I hurt. I decided to head to school. I thought, “I can do this.”

By 8 a.m. I couldn’t sit, stand, or do anything without being in a great deal of pain. I knew what it was….an infection. I had them before and knew I needed to get medicine. Today.

I walked to the phone as my class went to specials, and acquired the necessary substitute instructions, (nobody showed) so I white knuckled it until my appointment, while my team took my class.I got my medication. I am resting now.

I sit down to read some slices, and to write mine for the day. I feel terrible. I look at the bandaid post, and while I realize it is meant to stretch us, I am a non-practicing writer, since high school when I wasn’t bookish enough to be the writing type Since then I have been one who defines myself as a writer, but rarely posts. It is highly personal to me.

Lists are a way to start. I felt the greatest joy when I got a comment my first day, on March 1st. Someone was finally following, listening and sharing the joy of my craft. Before now, even posting at all was a challenge. I didn’t think my posts were blog-worthy.

Tears start to roll down my face. Small slow tears. The pain has started it, the post has tweaked it. How did others start, not listing or band-aiding? How does it hurt the challenge? I write about characters and stories I develop also, but all of these are highly personal to me.

I thought I was doing well. I thought people enjoyed reading my posts for what they were. Me, sharing myself, stepping out of my own box and expanding my own boundaries.

Maybe it was just my day. Maybe I am not the writer I thought I am. Maybe this is not the challenge I should be a part of.

Maybe I will start again tomorrow…who knows if it will be a drive by or a bandaid. Maybe I will feel better.

10 thoughts on “A Painful Sort of Day – and a Bandaid”

  1. I am right there with you in this post! I got my feelings hurt a bit too by the slice vs. Band-Aid post from yesterday. But I’m just going on the belief that writing something is better than writing nothing, and whether or not I wrote a story or a band-aid at least I wrote! I love the details in this post; even though it’s not a happy one, it drew me in and made me sympathize. Keep slicing, or band-aiding, or listing, or whatever it takes!

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  2. While I’m a “set-the-bar-high” kinda girl, sometimes I just have to give myself a break. On the very first day of the challenge, I just happened to choose three blogs that were absolute masterpieces. I doubted, questioned and trembled; what had I gotten myself into? But, like you, I just keep plugging away.

    I hope you feel better soon. Keep writing; there is so much beauty in all of our words.

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  3. This is an honest post. I was hooked and wanted to hear more. I think that is what good writers do. This is about you and you stretched it by telling us more about your feelings, illness and uncertainties. I enjoyed this. Like you, I do not see my self as a writer, yet, but I am doing my best to write elaborate stories about parts of my daily experience. Thanks for sharing, we are all doing our best to be better writers.

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  4. I so appreciate your honesty and you captured how so many of us felt yesterday. (A bit like a punch in the gut?) I honor that you moved forward and posted your story. Keep posting. I’ll be back to read more and celebrate with you. We can do this! — Christie

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  5. You ARE a brave writer! I loved the connection you made between your own physical pain and the emotional pain you felt later in the day. {I’m sorry yesterday was such a painful day for you.} These thoughts you shared are thoughts we’ve all had — all have — from time to time. The important thing is to KEEP WRITING. You have an important story to tell, however you choose to tell it.

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  6. I, too, could feel your honesty resonating throughout this piece. Everyone writes plenty of band-aids—often, they aren’t really band-aids but seeds that need to be planted to let larger ideas grow. I’m glad you’re part of this challenge! Keep writing!

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  7. This is a great post. Your honesty shines through and most importantly you allowed me to remind myself that I am not alone. Not sure if it’s because there is too much going on in life, I was hesitant to join because most of my days are blue and filled with anxiety and stress and sadness. I also felt a bit confused and less of a writer because lately, all I’ve had energies to do was write “band-aids”, and then I try to forgive myself and remember that it’s ok, even with band aids I feel myself pushing my limits and that’s what this challenge was all about. Thank you for writing this honest post.

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  8. Oh please don’t give up! I love reading your slices.
    Beth’s post about bandaids wasn’t meant to shame but to inspire.
    Today you sliced about feeling two different types of pain. I can relate to white knuckling it in the classroom.
    I enjoyed reading it and sure hope you feel proud of the hard work you’ve accomplished in this challenge. Feel better!

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  9. First of all, I am behind on my welcome wagon posts, and I apologize for missing this one! I think many people felt the sting of that post, and I truly don’t think it was meant to sting. You are doing fabulous! I love coming here and reading your words because ALL words matter. It doesn’t matter if they are in a list, a poem, a story, an essay, or for that matter…even a piece of crap! And we have all written crap! What matters is that you show up every day to the blank page, and you spill your heart and capture those moments. Just keep going…and I hope you are feeling better now too!

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