My Side Gig #solc19

While I celebrate my upcoming spring break, I am gearing up for my side gig. Dog sitting. Staying with these sweet canines is a joy, except I cant say no. So this week, I will be spending my life at 3 different houses, loving 6 dogs and 4 cats. Lots of time to think, catch up, and try to find balance.

The drive is the hardest part. I put so many miles on my car and my body between stops.

I look forward to the solitude. I dread the solitude. I both love and hate being alone.

Small slice, but wow, it’s almost here, the week I’ve been dreaming of….

4 thoughts on “My Side Gig #solc19”

  1. I can imagine commuting amongst the various homes must be stressful. But the love from all the animals must be worth it.
    Happy pet sitting!

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