The Joy of Spring Break

Tanner chews on the bone and is completely oblivious to the world around him. This sweet dachshund is one of the sweet puppies that I sit for over my breaks. He has a sister, sweet Pepper, who is now laying by the door waiting for a walk.

There is one problem. Tanner is an escape artist. His low lean physique allows him to get through spaces I cannot. Admittedly, his mom tells me, he gets out about once a week.

The house has a beautiful, but steep backyard where wildlife have been known to roam. Mom tells me about a porcupine encounter. I tell you, I would have no idea what to do if I saw one. The fence in the back is a crisp cross of metal, where you can see the picturesque backdrop of a natural creek. The trees, brush, and rock, are nothing short of a nature’s artwork. Tanner loves to dig through the rocks that imprison him and run errant in the natural playscape.

My hope is that he doesn’t escape. For now I have won and he is cuddling.

My “lumpy” friend Tanner!